[Sidefx-houdini-list] UVPelt workflow

Jerry Corda-Stanley jerry at intelligentcreatures.com
Tue Feb 20 17:12:27 EST 2007

the hint primitive determines which part of your geometry is inside the
UV "frame".

you can use one UVpelt to arrange the seams where you want to unwrap
your texture
and then copy paste that for different parts e.g. hands, face, body, etc.

then use the hint primitive to pick a primitive that falls within hands,
face, body, etc. and
that will then tell the pelt to unwrap that part of the geometry. the
rest is ignored.

this way you can chain a few UVpelts based on one original and do your
texturing that way.

Don't do the deletey business, you'll end up all screwed up.

hope that helps
> Hi,
> I'm learning the Houdini UV tools and I would like to be sure I
> understand
> the UVPelt workflow.
>> From the help, UVPelt is only applied on the hint primitive (with a
> Ctrl-LMB-click on the part we want to pelt). So I create an UVPelt SOP
> for
> each parts and add a Delete SOP to remove  the part "outside" the
> pelt. Then
> I merge all those parts together at the end. Here is a screen capture
> of my
> workflow : http://www.vol2nuit.fr/guillaume/divers/UVPelt_workflow.jpg
> Is it the standard way to re-arrange several UVPelt's ?
> And I don't understand correctly how it works. When I middle click on the
> last node, it said "1 vertex attribute: [uv]". This UV is an overlap
> of the
> first and second UVPelt. So why the merged result is correct ?
> The result rather look like there are two UV attributes.
> I don't think I've got the Houdini UV's philosophy yet...
> Any help is welcome.
> Cheers
> Guillaume Laforge
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