[Sidefx-houdini-list] UVPelt workflow

guillaume laforge guillaume.laforge.3d at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 15:56:57 EST 2007


I'm learning the Houdini UV tools and I would like to be sure I understand
the UVPelt workflow.

>From the help, UVPelt is only applied on the hint primitive (with a
Ctrl-LMB-click on the part we want to pelt). So I create an UVPelt SOP for
each parts and add a Delete SOP to remove  the part "outside" the pelt. Then
I merge all those parts together at the end. Here is a screen capture of my
workflow : http://www.vol2nuit.fr/guillaume/divers/UVPelt_workflow.jpg

Is it the standard way to re-arrange several UVPelt's ?

And I don't understand correctly how it works. When I middle click on the
last node, it said "1 vertex attribute: [uv]". This UV is an overlap of the
first and second UVPelt. So why the merged result is correct ?
The result rather look like there are two UV attributes.

I don't think I've got the Houdini UV's philosophy yet...

Any help is welcome.


Guillaume Laforge

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