[Sidefx-houdini-list] GPU refresh issues (win x64)

Philip King graphos1 at charter.net
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You didn't mention which operating system you're using. I would assume
that since you're using a DirectX 10 capable graphics card, you are using
Windows Vista 64-bit. If that's the case, you may need to run Houdini in
Compatibility Mode for XP. Additionally, the current production build of
Houdini is 8.1.866 so, try upgrading from 8.1.704? Consider an nVidia Quadro
4500 GPU for OpenGL support and this link for Houdini system requirements:

You didn't mention which type of display unit (monitor) you are using.

You have a great system for playing video games!


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I have some refresh issues with Houdini
this is what I get when I click on some menus or hit Tab
I don't know what the problem may be but in any case here is the hardware 
and software I have on my system that MAY be affecting this.
(I have a feeling it's a display driver issue though I have tried with 
almost all available revisions)

GPU: Nvidia 8800GTX
video driver: Forceware 97.92
Windows 64bit
CPU: Intel Core2Quad QX6700
System memory: 4GB
Display resolution: 2560x1600 (32 or 16 bit)

There may be some OGL settings I have to tweak inside the driver or 
something trivial I may be missing.

Any ideas are welcome.

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