[Sidefx-houdini-list] 3D Connexion controllers with Houdini

Gregory Karydis nutman at otenet.gr
Mon Feb 19 19:26:48 EST 2007

This may sound like I am promoting a 3D controller but I'm not. It just made 
my life easier with other 3D apps so I'm asking "Why not a plugin for 
Anyone use a 3D Connexion controller (SpacePilot, SpaceTraveller, etc) with 
other 3D apps?

I am using the SpacePilot model with Maya for quite a while now and I am 
fairly disappointed there is no support for Houdini.

Ziva Nissan of 3D Connexion told me they will try to contact SESI and 
there's been no update since. (I am not aware of how fast things like that 
are supposed to move)
Here's the post I made in 3D Connexion's forum

I have made a simillar post in SESI's forum

So I think the more of us ask for it the faster it will be made.


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