[Sidefx-houdini-list] iges again

Moritz Moeller moritz at citylounge.biz
Sun Feb 18 18:18:18 EST 2007

> Unfortunately (as it applies to Rhino), we're all Linux here ( and Mac).
> But we do have access to some colleagues working primarily
> on windows. If Rhino considerably streamlines the process
> it will definitely be worth looking into further.

yeah, that's really the big con of Rhino. You can get it to work under 
Wine though (I had v2 running, haven't tried v3). Rhino comes with it's 
own Windoze GDI-based wireframe renderer if OGL is unavailable, so the 
display's not a blocker as with other 3D apps under Wine. Though slow, 
it might save you from the pain of a dual boot or the like.

And as Simon said, you need to get the settings right for re-export to 
Houdini. And if you export to another app, you likely will need other 
settings. That's the nature of IGES, hehe.


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