[Sidefx-houdini-list] iges again

Moritz Moeller moritz at citylounge.biz
Sat Feb 17 23:56:06 EST 2007

> I'm just wondering if anyone can share any tips or
> useful information ( settings, etc) that we can pass
> on to the engineers who are exporting the data.

my reply might be too late for you this time, but I really suggest to 
use Rhino to clean up IGES data giving you trouble before going into 
You basically:
- Import into Rhino
- Select/delete/modify whatever you need
- Re-export as IGES or OBJ
- Import into Houdini

Rhino eats the most exotic IGES files and allows customizing the 
re-export at a very fine level. The only drawback with Rhino is that 
it's Windows only which sucks balls the size of planets, imho. :)



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