[Sidefx-houdini-list] Multiple channels to export (CHOPS)

Rangi Sutton rangi.sutton at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 02:09:16 EST 2007

Dave Nunez wrote:
> Thanks for the help guys, I kind of figured that this was a script
> job.  It would be really nice to have an op that does this
> automatically though.
Just write a couple of pages of MEL.. I mean python ... I mean wrong
package. Sheeet.. throw down a few nodes and wrap it up in an HDA.

Or download this, Install Operator Type.. put down a "Write Channels" chop.


Writes out each channel into a seperate .bclip


(Sorry if this is a dup.. I got my email accounts confused and don't
know if the last one went though. Link is correct on this one though..)

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