[Sidefx-houdini-list] point versus vertex textures ...

Ben Schrijvers ben.schrijvers at guerrilla-games.com
Thu Feb 8 06:53:02 EST 2007

louis at realisestudio.com wrote:
>> Rangi Sutton wrote:
>>> Several versions ago Houdini didn't do this and you had to use a facet
>>> sop, or jump through hoops making multiple uv maps. But these days we're
>>> all on board.
>>> Beers,
>>> r.
>> Lets hope it will be the same for Vertex Normals in a future version.
>> I'm jumping through hoops a lot to generate, modify/transform and export
>> them in Houdini.
>> I've re-enforced the excisting RFE at SESI but if more people are
>> jumping hoops then please help me to raise the RFE's priority.
>> Houdini is not on board on this one at the moment.
>> cheers,
>> benS
> That's interesting! (if you're a geek...)
> What are you doing with vertex normals? Can't you use any old custom
> vertex attribute?
> sweet
> L
Hey Louis!

I must visit London soon to catch up with you guys! But that's another 

Well I want to use vertex normals as vertex normals.. not to do any 
geeky freaky thing..
Basicly it's unacceptable for what I'm doing to split up the points that 
need a hard edge.
Every single byte does count in gaming and more points is more memory.
Also it's kind of standard to have vertex normals in other 3D software 
en GL type of render engines.
Houdini's way of making a hard edge is in fact putting holes in my 
model, which is not a nice thing for certain geometry operations 
(smooth, booleans, etc) or physics engines.
And I think if SESI did say A and B as in vertex UV and vertex Cd they 
have to say C as in vertex N as well.

Indeed I'm using a custom vertex attribute at the moment. But I already 
have to jump hoops to just see them.
And geuss what happens if the geometry deforms or even only transforms..
The custom attributes don't transform with them, I have to modify the 
normals by jumping through even more hoops.
So I do have geeky freaky workaround.
That's why I understand it's difficult to impliment... but still... SESI 
needs to catch up with the rest..


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