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Unique points is OK until rendering and you need to apply a
displacement map. Then things start to rip apart.

In the past I've used an extremely small bevel (extrude sop) and well
massaged point normals. I guess it depends how your surface has been
constructed though...


On 07/02/07, Darran Edmundson <darran at edmstudio.com> wrote:
> A colleague familiar with other tools asked by about the following in
> houdini::
> "I want to create a textured box with smooth normals but with 'faces
> painted' i.e., different UVs at each vertex which are not continuous
> over adjacent faces. The typical textured box then. In other tools this
> can often be implemented as 8 points but with multiple UVs at each point
> (so the vertices generated have to be duplicated). Given what I've seen
> when using the 'Facet' operator, I'm wondering whether I need to do this
> in Houdini or not. But I don't know the typical methods of generating
> UVs like this - I've had a quick go but haven't spent a lot of time on
> it yet."
> His question made be realize that I've never explored vertex texturing
> in Houdini.  My approach would be to use a Facet SOP with unique points
> followed by a UVTexture SOP with faces and point texturing.  In this
> case (where he wants smooth normals anyway), it is obviously wasteful in
> terms of replicating points.  Plus I'd need to massage the cusped
> normals at coincident points on differing faces to be the same.
> When do you use vertex texturing?
> Cheers,
> Darran.
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