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Merry Christmas... yup, christmas is the time that i can relax, sit down 
quietly and experiment on my own CG stuff.


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> Merry Christmas everyone!!
> Yes, the shop is closed, but many of us will be available to answer
> questions.
> I hope everyone is getting fat and relaxed with treats and drinks, and
> that Santa has been good to you all.
> cheers, PeterR
> Lisa Reynolds wrote:
>> Andrew,
>> You da man!!! Thanks so much. I grabbed the export lines from the H9
>> Python shell script and put them in my .bashrc file and help now
>> works like a charm. They use $PYTHONPATH rather than $PYTHON_PATH
>> though. I would never have thought to look there for a solution. Very
>> timely help too as I finally have some time to go through all this
>> and SESI is closed for the holiday week.
>> Thanks again.
>> -Lisa
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>>> We just got through a range of problems with the help server. A couple
>>> of things you might want to look at:
>>> 1./ Have the python installation that comes with Houdini first in your
>>> 2./ Have Java installed on your system. Have $JAVA_HOME in your
>>> environment point to wherever Java lives.
>>> They're two things. We eventually managed to get the help working with
>>> our own build of python 2.5.1, but we had to rebuild sqlite/pysqlite
>>> and have that in our python build. All fun and games.
>>> Cheers
>> On 22/12/2007, Pablo Gim?nez <pablogipi at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> 2007/12/22, Fran?ois Duchesneau <sidefx at trinix.ca>:
>>>> I suspect they've changed something lately because I've been using
>>>> H9 on
>>>> OpenSuse 10.2 and the doc used to work.
>>> I am having many problems qith the doc server here too.
>>> In my case  I am using Fedora core 5 and H 9.0.794
>>> The doc server seems to freeze after a couple of queries and  I
>>> have to
>>> kill the hbrowser-bin process and  open a new one to get the help
>>> page I am
>>> looking for .
>>> And doing it again and again because it always freeze after a
>>> couple of
>>> queries.
>>> At the end I have been using the H8 help, it works perfectly.
>>> Maybe the java engine in the system could be a problem?
>>> It doesn't work on mine anymore but since I always use the doc on my
>>>> Windows machine I haven't investigated further.
>>>> The only other thing I can think of is changes I did in my /ets/hosts
>>>> file.
>>>> Fran?ois
>>>> Lisa Reynolds wrote:
>>>>> I finally got around to installing H9 (build 794) on a Open Suse
>>>>> 10.2
>>>>> 64 bit machine and the help browser doesn't want to work. I looked
>>>>> through the archives and tried entering http://localhost:48626/ in
>>>>> Firefox and that didn't work either. In Houdini I just get a slew of
>>>>> messages that make it sound like the help server isn't running. Is
>>>>> there some magic incantation I need to do to get it started?
>>>>> -Lisa
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