[Sidefx-houdini-list] New Apprentice Menu At Sidefx.com | H9 Blog Renamed Apprentice Blog

Robert Magee rmagee at sidefx.com
Mon Dec 17 13:33:11 EST 2007

We have made a few changes to the website to make it easier for 
Apprentice users to find information on the main website. Some of these 
changes include:

- a new menu item called Apprentice which includes the overview page, 
the download page, the blog and a Houdini forum link.
- a new Houdini Apprentice forum has been opened to give new users a 
place to ask more basic questions as they begin to first learn Houdini.
- The H9 blog has been renamed the Apprentice Blog and it will become 
active again in early 2008.


PS - The Apprentice FAQ's are available from the overview page and from 
the Support > FAQ pages.

Robert Magee
Product Marketing Manager
Side Effects Software Inc.
416 504-9876 x327

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