[Sidefx-houdini-list] viewport background pic not refreshing

Peter Bowmar pbowmar at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 08:24:34 EST 2007

Yeah, but that's in a nested menu, who wants to use those? :)


Peter B

On 12/12/2007, Mark Elendt <mark at sidefx.com> wrote:
> On Wednesday Dec 12 at 11:50, Peter Bowmar wrote:
> > There is a "texcache" Hscript command that should do the trick. It is
> > cached deliberately otherwise it would have to recheck the disk
> > constantly and performance would be terrible.
> >
> > I bind "texcache" to a function key but I guess you could use the Shelf now :)
> I think you can also use the "Render->Update Textures" menu entry.
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