[Sidefx-houdini-list] Hscript bug?

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Thu Dec 6 18:27:06 EST 2007

Ok, I finally got hscript to fired up with my hip file.  Now here is a
persnickety that has had me pulling out my hair the last hour .  Whenever I
use $HIP for the render output,
$HIP/renders/killmenow.$F4.tga for example, when I try to render via
hscript it will try to write to j://myfiles/renders/killmenow.$F4.tga and
dies.  Rendering the same file via gui works fine.  There is a go around. 
If I put the full directory tree in the output location on the rop, the
hscript render has no problems.  Is this a bug on the windows version or a


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