[Sidefx-houdini-list] 9.0.97

Jenny Blacklock Jenny_Blacklock at CBC.CA
Wed Dec 5 12:29:10 EST 2007

Hi Grav, 
   Today's build is 9.0.801, You can download it from the Downloads


   You can download any Houdini from the Downloads page, (the most
recent is the best). Once it is on your machine, the license you have
installed there is what dictates what 'brand' of Houdini will open,
(Master, Escape, Apprentice HD, or Apprentice).

   All the best,

>>> "gravatar at gravatonia.com" <gravatar at gravatonia.com> 12/05/07 10:42
AM >>>
Does anyone know when version 9.0.977 will be out for HD, or will the
work with the HD license?  Also, where can the beta's be downloaded?  I
have yet to find the link on the website.  Thanks for the heads up.


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