[Sidefx-houdini-list] mantra -u

Louis Dunlevy ld at dneg.com
Wed Dec 5 06:51:30 EST 2007

-  UV rendering only works with vertex attributes. So you'll need to 
promote "uv" or "uvattr" to a vertex attribute first.

- The uv baking feature in mantra will allow you to render into the uv 
space of an object. You can do this by specifying the object for uv 
rendering on the command line:   mantra -u /obj/geo1*

sweeeeet... :-)

Rangi Sutton wrote:
> Louis Dunlevy wrote:
>> Does mantra -u work? Is it possible to get mantra to write directly to 
>> uv space?
> Last I tried only on polys.... h8.
> r.
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