[Sidefx-houdini-list] PythonIDE? was [ PyQt book ]

Alvin Yap jtalbain at singnet.com.sg
Tue Dec 4 19:52:43 EST 2007

Ok added this book to my list of "things to learn" :P

I'm finishing up Core Python Programming now http://corepython.com/ 
(going slow in my half drugged, feverish state :P ) - this book seems to 
go down the best with me :)

Curiously, what IDE do you guys use? Right now I really like using just 
the command prompt to run the python intepreter because of the up/down 
keys to repeat commands. IDLE doesn't seem to do that or I'm probably 
missing a setting. But I do miss the auto completion found on idle.


Andrew D Lyons wrote:
> There's finally a book about PyQt. All code tested with Python 2.5, Qt
> 4.2, and PyQt 4.2
> http://www.amazon.com/Programming-Python-Prentice-Software-Development/dp/0132354187
> This is great for custom UI's for Houdini that go above and beyond
> what Houdini provides...
> I still want an embedded ramp editor in houdini though... :)
> Cheers

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