[Sidefx-houdini-list] auto rig scale

James Rutherford JRutherford at stclaircollege.ca
Sun Dec 2 19:19:56 EST 2007

Hey Folks
I was building a character which is 1/2 metre high and I was using the houdini units = 1 metre scaling because I figure I'll have some Dops in the scene.....anyways, if I use the auto rig, then you can't scale it down that small....so I'm wondering if I should build everything bigger.....like perhaps 1 houdini unit = 1 cm .  Then I could change the houdini/dops units to reflect the bigger size....

I guess you are expected to build characters at 1 unit = 1 cm since the auto rig is almost 200 units high???


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