[Sidefx-houdini-list] Newbie question on keyboard.

Jordi Bares jordibares at the-mill.com
Tue Aug 28 05:07:58 EDT 2007

Oh no... It was about user-centric keyboard shortcuts, so I can select a
keyboard setup when needed.

Some people like me have to jump from software to software far too often and
I simply can't mentally switch so fast, therefore I have a keyboard shortcut
setup on both XSI, Maya so I get a decent compromise for all of them. I
would just want to do this also for Houdini so the transition is as easy as

The problem then is that someone that is helping me needs to reset the
keyboard shortcuts every time I need help, this could be done nicely like
XSI does it where you can save your keyboard shortcuts and even distribute
them to other machienes so wherever I sit down I have that setup ready.

Hope it is a bit more clear now.

On 18/8/07 00:35, "Ammon Riley" <ammon.riley at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 8/17/07, Jordi Bares <jordibares at the-mill.com> wrote:
>> Sorry for the dumb question but is there any keyboard manager in Houdini9 so
>> I can swap from factory keyboard to mine? Can I have multiple keyboard
>> setups and jump from one to another?
> I may be misunderstanding you, but that sounds like a function
> of the operating system, rather than Houdini. Are you just talking
> about, say, switching from, say, a qwerty keyboard setup to a
> dvorak keyboard setup to a German keyboard setup with it's
> fancy umlauts and the like? Or are you talking about being able
> to make hot-keys user-definable, so that rather than having the
> 'H' key for the "home" operation, you can change it to
> Alt+Shift+Q?
> Cheers,
> Ammon
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