[Sidefx-houdini-list] Re: fracturing a grid with polygonal curves?

sidefx at trinix.ca sidefx at trinix.ca
Sun Aug 26 10:44:58 EDT 2007

So for the rest, just add a Delete Sop with "Operation" set to "Delete
non-selected" and put the following line in the group field.

`strcat("test_", prim("../partition1", pointdist("../add1", 0,
"../partition1", -1, 3), "class", 0))`

"test_" being the prefix you gave in the Partition Sop.

By the way when I said "I can seperate every chunk of geometry without the
need of any closed polygon.", I meant a closed VOLUME polygon.


sidefx at trinix.ca wrote:
> I don't know if I'm missing something but I can seperate every chunk of
> geometry without the need of any closed polygon.
> 1-Extrude each curve with a depth scale of 1 and set the depth offset to
> -0.5. (don't plug them in a merge)
> 2-Plug the grid in the A input of the Cookie
> 3-Plug on of the curve in input B of the Cookie
> 4-Set "Operation" on the cookie to "User Defined" and keep inside A and
> outside A only
> 5-Plug this output of this into an other cookie and plug the other curve
> in B and so on. Don't care about the group in the Cookie Sop for now.
> 6-Put a connectivitiy node at the end of it followed by a Partition Sop
> and you get all your groups created.
> Note that you can have more than one geometry at each cookie in input A as
> long as you have only one curve in input B as long those geometry in A are
> not intersecting within each other.
> Of course to make it more flexible by allowing an arbitrary number of
> section curve you would have to use the new ForEach Sop.
> Now I let you find a way to find which of those chunk touches the point
> because now I got to go doing my laundry ;) Please tell me if it works for
> you.
> François

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