[Sidefx-houdini-list] Seeking Houdini TD for remote job ...

Darran Edmundson darran at edmstudio.com
Thu Aug 16 21:53:54 EDT 2007

EDM Studio (www.edmstudio.com) is a small design firm based out of 
Calgary, Canada that creates technology and AV-centric interactives for 
museums.  We've got a project running from September-November that 
requires a photo-real 1920x1080 animation of the geologic formation of a 
mountain, erosion of the mountain by glaciation, and finally a massive 
rock slide in which one face of the mountain comes down.  All told about 
60s of footage, half for the geology sequence, half for the slide.

While I've used Houdini for nearly a decade, other than some gratuitous 
experiments I have not done any VFX or photo-real work.  For this 
reason, we're looking for one or two experienced Houdini TDs willing to 
work/consult on the project from afar.  Ideally it would be one Houdini 
God to supervise part-time plus a mid-level TD and myself working full 
time to execute.  Wages would be at industry rates and commensurate with 
experience.  If you have a Master license, great; if not, one can be 
rented on your behalf from SESI.  Assets will be developed on our 
subversion server.  Collaboration will be by phone, Basecamp, Skype and 
a remote preview tool like CineSync (www.cinesync.com/).

If you have the demonstrated ability to carry out a shot like that 
mentioned, please contact me direct at the email below with:
   - experience/resume
   - link to your reel
   - availability
   - wage sought (US dollars/day)

Of course, feel free to share this email around to other Houdniks.


P.S. Here's a Google Earth view of the actual slide area.
It buried the town of Frank, Alberta in 1903.

Darran Edmundson [darran at edmstudio.com]

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