[Sidefx-houdini-list] Houdini On the Spot by Craig Zerouni

Floyd Gillis floyd at afcg.com
Thu Aug 16 16:15:31 EDT 2007

That was strange... I'll try this again...


Coincidently, I just received a notice from Amazon.com that my copy of 
"Houdini on the Spot" has been shipped.

I have to second what Doug mentions below... it's sometimes difficult to 
get a good understanding of some of the new and powerful tools in 
Houdini.when you're a "one man band" and not able to attend training 
sessions or spend vast amounts of time researching how a tool should 
work.  The books, tutorials, and examples are a great help.

Just wanted to add... when making tutorials and examples (especially for 
introductions to fluids, dops, pbr, sss, vops, deep-anything, etc) 
please don't forget to include what may seem like the most obviously 
simple steps or basic concepts.  Very often it's those simple steps or 
basic concepts that trigger an "a-ha!" moment and causes the more 
complex parts to fall into place.


On 8/16/2007 12:06 PM, Doug Struthers wrote:
> Not being able to afford traveling and attending Sidefx training classes
> -and-   working alone without other Houdini users in my studio, these books
> and videos showing how others use Houdini are invaluable resources.
> Together with the new manuals and the great starter examples for almost all
> the ops in Houdini I am actually able to use this awesome software.
> Looking forward to more help with fluids and dops and pbr.  The obstacle and
> big time consumer for me is always getting a starting point with a tool.  I
> would love to find some starter examples for instance with PBR?
> Any videos from Sig would be great too.
> Thanks to everyone.
> Doug Struthers
> www.dougstruthers.com

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