[Sidefx-houdini-list] otl panel beating

Luca Zappala luca at cinesite.co.uk
Tue Aug 14 12:04:32 EDT 2007

It's a float3 but you only need to access the first float. In the case 
of std_switcher_6 it would be
opparm yourOtl std_switcher_61 0 (where 0 is the tab index of the tab 
you want to access)

I don't think they're accessible for the UI and be careful the moment 
you add a new folder/menu the std_switcher changes! :)

Adrian Lee wrote:
> Hi Luca
> I've found parameter stdswitcher and when I use
> opparm -d amber_mocap_rigx_ed_001 stdswitcher
> I get
> opparm amber_mocap_rigx_ed_001 stdswitcher ( 0 0 0 )
> Ive managed to change the value but with out much luck. Any idea how it
> works? the first number the root tab, the second the second tab......
> Is there any way of promoting it in the otl so I can see it in type
> properties?
> cheers
> Ed
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