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It does work in H8 for the most part depending on your graphics  card.  I 
think as long as your card will support at least Pixel Shader  2.0 (ex: NVidia 
5000 series and newer) the GLSL shaders in \houdini\ogl2 work  (at least some of 
them do for me) if you enable that Environment Variable  alluded to below.  
Just be aware that you have to have certain attributes  like Normals, UV's, 
maybe colors or some other things on the Verts (I can't  remember at this point).
I tried the OpenGL2 shaders in the H9 Beta and they didn't seem to work,  but 
I really didn't try too much.
I have pointed out Mental Mill to some Side Effects folks a couple  months 
ago.  To me this is what VOPs should have been a while ago.   You can do a lot 
of cool things with Hardware Shaders and Houdini is behind the  curve on this 
I work in Gaming and it is pretty amazing what you can do with Sprites and  
Pixel Shaders.  Even without Pixel Shaders, you can do some pretty neat and  
fun stuff in Houdini's GL Viewport.  I'll give a little plug here for Peter  
Robbinson's upcoming course at Siggraph on "Flipbook Effects"- basically using  
the GL viewer to create effects rather than rendering 
(http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=846&Itemid=215) ).
-Craig Hoffman
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On  Thursday Aug 02 at 17:24, Darran Edmundson wrote:
> On this  topic of Houdini and gaming, it would be absolutely wonderful if 
> GLSL  shaders could be displayed in the viewport.  I'm not talking about  
> the utopia of having VOPs generate GLSL output ... just (and I use  the 
> word 'just' with reckless abandon) being able to real-time  preview with 
> external shader code.  Max and Xsi support this,  either natively or via 
> plug-ins.  I suspect this is a critical  barrier to game developers using 
> Houdini in production.
> On a related note, with advanced shader support, houdini would make  an 
> awesome interactive engine.  Last I looked, Derivative's  Touch (yes, I'm 
> aware of the origins) (i) didn't support this, and  (ii) lags modern 
> houdini significantly in terms of  functionality.

I don't know how supported this is (if at all),  but you could try:

hconfig -a | grep  OGL_ENABLE_SHADERS


But, really, I don't even know what to  expect.

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