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Simon Barrick simon at primalpictures.com
Sun Apr 29 08:05:20 EDT 2007

Questions then:

1) Is there a secret to avoiding diagonally mapped polys in uv space? 
(At first glance, I wonder why the packing algorithm can't rotate these 
objects to minimize the bounding box size?)

Well its pretty easy to calculate an oriented bounding box, so in 2D it
should be very similar. Once you have that you can re-orient the
triangles to the best orientation.

2) Is it possible to automagically join two triangles that constitute a 
planar quad back into a quad?  (It would mean recognizing that two 
triangles share an edge and are mirror versions of each other.)

Its possible, though when you do it for an entire mesh of triangles you
get many left over ones unless you get pretty complicated with the
algorithm. However it would certainly be possible to test for real quads
that are split in 2 as triangles and keep those strict cases together.

The real question is do Sesi have the time and inclination to improve
their mapping tools.
Best put in an RFE for it and wait and see.

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