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Darran Edmundson darran at edmstudio.com
Sun Apr 29 02:05:33 EDT 2007

Looking at the results of the uvunwrap SOP applied to some of our 
architectural-like objects, we're seeing a lot of wasted texture space. 
  There are two main causes:

1) Thin polys that, for some reason, are diagonally oriented in uv 
space.  As the packing algorithm uses a rectangular bounding box for 
each polygon, a thin diagonal poly in uv space is extremely wasteful.

2) 2 triangles that should form a quad in real space are often mapped to 
separate locations in uv space (thus using twice as much uv area as 

Questions then:

1) Is there a secret to avoiding diagonally mapped polys in uv space? 
(At first glance, I wonder why the packing algorithm can't rotate these 
objects to minimize the bounding box size?)

2) Is it possible to automagically join two triangles that constitute a 
planar quad back into a quad?  (It would mean recognizing that two 
triangles share an edge and are mirror versions of each other.)


Darran Edmundson [darran at edmstudio.com]
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