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Robert Magee rmagee at sidefx.com
Fri Apr 27 15:01:39 EDT 2007

FYI: The conversion of files is a "one-time only" options when a studio 
using Houdini Apprentice purchases their first Commercial license. It is 
not meant as a way for existing Houdini customers to convert work being 
completed in Apprentice.

And digital assets uploaded to the Houdini Exchange are cleaned up as 
best we can and would therefore be usable in a commercial version. This 
is an option but I wouldn't rely on it for production work.


Adrian Lee wrote:
> Zoran: Cheers buddy
> Peter/Edward: Thanks. It would be non-comercial use and i'm sure the otl
> thing is due to license more than anything else. But, if you do come 
> up with
> anything that is deemed worthy for production isn't it possible to get it
> otl changed to non-nc via support that comes with Master? Also if the 
> otl is
> not concidered intelegent property of the studio and the authour 
> wanted to
> share with the community, aren't otls on odforce free of nc conversions?
> I cant see anything I am working on at the moment being anymore than
> showreel and community fodder
> Ed
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