[Sidefx-houdini-list] popnet birth propability via attribute

Georg Duemlein, Dipl.-Des. info at preset.de
Fri Apr 20 08:18:39 EDT 2007


I have a popnet that is emmitting particles from geometry.
If the geometry has a color attribute Cd I can use this as a birth 
probability like $CR $CG to birth only where defined colors exist in the 

If I create an attribute in sops like "stopped" and assign it a value of 
0 or 1, can see this attribute in popnetwork MMB and spreadsheet.
But I cannot use it like $CR to set the birth parameters ...
$STOPPED results in 0 propability.

What is it that i am missing?
I guess the stopped in popnetwork is already a particle-attribute. so I 
cannot use it in the birth tab.

I remember something about different color layers like Cd2, Cd3 ...
maybe I can store my stopped in one of them.


Dipl.-Des. Georg Dümlein


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