[Sidefx-houdini-list] Rendering directly to mplay through MTOR

Luca Zappala luca at cinesite.co.uk
Thu Apr 19 07:34:30 EDT 2007

You can have custom luts in "it" by going to windows - preferences - 
remapping and set:
image remapping type "RAT Wide Gamma"
Rat Wide Gain,Gamma 1 1
Custom LUT name -->_put your 3Dlut in here_
custom It Gain,Gamma 1 1

..or perhaps I'm misuderstanding your request here


Sean Lewkiw wrote:
> Hi,
> Has anyone done this?  Is it possible to have MTOR render to mplay 
> instead of "it"?  If so, any pointers on how to do it?
> The reason we want to do this is that the current "it" does not 
> support LUTs or floating point images.  I've been told that the next 
> version, now way overdue, will allow both.
> Sean

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