[Sidefx-Houdini-list] Houdini at Gnomon

xray at agentxray.com xray at agentxray.com
Wed Apr 18 14:35:46 EDT 2007


I teach the Houdini class at Gnomon.

It's a 10 week course designed as an introduction to Houdini. Each class
is three hours and meets once a week. The first three or four classes go
over the concepts of procedural modelling, digital assets and the
interface. From there I try to focus on one module per class. Sometimes we
take a couple of classes on the deeper modules or less time on the simpler
ones, for example more time on POPs and VOPs less time on ROPs and COPs.

The class is geared towards FX work so we don't get into organic modelling
or character work. We talk about particle animation, volumetric rendering,
global illumination, shading and dynamics as well as how to create
networks with an eye towards turning them into digital assets.

The final project for the class is for each student to take some kind of
real world object and create a self contained digital asset, though the
students are free to come up with other ideas if it suits them.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


> Has anyone taken the Houdini class at Gnomon?  I'm
> just wondering what do they cover.

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