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Mon Apr 16 08:27:40 EDT 2007


Difficult to reproduce your exact command line...
Have you try to build up a file with the command you wish to execute and 
then execute it.

set strCommentNew=" ' my comments to be include' "
unix touch /workpath/togo.sh;
echo "rsh fruit-master publish3d -d 
"$strShotPath"/outputs/renders/"$strRFilename" -e "$strLogin" -g 3R -c 
unix sh /workpath/togo.sh;
unix rm /workpath/togo.sh;

Luca Zappala wrote:
> Hello,
> I was wondering if somebody could help me with this:
> I'm on linux and would like to execute a shell command from inside 
> houdini.
> the shell command must read   publish3d -d path -e user -g 3R -c 
> 'comment bla bla bla'
> This is part of the hscript I wrote:
> set str = "rsh fruit-master publish3d -d 
> "$strShotPath"/outputs/renders/"$strRFilename" -e "$strLogin" -g 3R -c 
> '"$strCommentNew"'"
> unix $str
> unfortunately the comment parameter is not transferred because it gets 
> truncated at the ' (single quote) position.
> I tried replacing ' with \' , " and \"  unsuccessfully.
> Any idea?
> Thanks
> Luca
> p.s.
> My current workaround is to edit the comment string and replace all 
> spaces with underscore, and sending the comment as one word (this 
> doesn't require single quotes).
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