[Sidefx-houdini-list] Edit Curve With Lock Length, Like Maya

ken ken at corefa.com
Tue Apr 10 14:08:08 EDT 2007

I think you will have to write your own maintain length and support the 
different methods.

The cheapest  method would be to apply a measureSOP before the change, 
and again at the end of the modeling change of the curve.
You can use that difference as a multiplier in a primitiveSOP for the 
scale. You will need to put the pivot for the scale at the "root" of the 
curve, hopefully you have that order going on for what you are doing. 
This isn't going to maintain your curve through its new shape over the 
locked length, but in a pinch it can "help".


Simon Barrick wrote:

>You could always resample the curve with fixed length segments and have
>segment number limited at the same time.... Then reconvert back to nurbs
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>Hi Everybody....
>Can we edit the curve in Houdini with keeping its arc-length constant,
>like the Lock Length Feature in Maya???
>I searched for different techniques and found many papers, but all of
>them include decomposing the curve using wavelets and interpolation. Is
>there any other simple method available??
>Help Plz...

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