[Sidefx-houdini-list] copy along normals

Edmond Earl Smith ees041000 at utdallas.edu
Tue Apr 10 13:39:48 EDT 2007

I had been messing with that before, and it does work for some of the 
bee's anatomy.  However, in some areas that are slanted the pollen 
teeters so that you can't adjust it where some of the pollen isn't 
dipping into the hairs and moving out too far to not be touching the 
ends of the hairs.  I thought that the answer might be copy stamping 
the pollen but I can't figure how to move them out exactly along the 


Rob Pieké wrote:

>Try moving your pollen sphere along the Z axis before copying them to 
>the bee. That way the origin will be on the bee, and the spheres will 
>offset (with the Z axis matching the bee's normal).
>> I have a model of a bee that has hairs copied to it.  The hairs stand 
>> out alog the normals.  I also copied small pollen spheres to the bee.  
>> I want to move each pollen outward along the normals so that they will 
>> be at the ends of the hairs.  I've tried several approaches but the 
>> pollen doesn't move outward in the direction of the hairs they just 
>> shift in each demension.  Any ideas on how to get them to move out 
>> the body in the exact direction of the normals (hairs).
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