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Not sure if anyone replied to this, but add a Measure SOP and set it  to 
"Area" and then add your Scatter SOP and set it to use the "Area"  attribute.  
This Scatters based on Primitive area and will disperser your  points better.
In a message dated 4/2/2007 4:06:25 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
ben.schrijvers at guerrilla-games.com writes:

You  could try the Fuse Sop after the Scatter Sop to get equally spread  
But be sure to insert an Add Sop inbetween connecting all the  point s as 
the Fuse Sop strangly doesn't like pointclouds.
For some  reason it needs the points to be part of a primative..

Anyway the Fuse  Sop has some options about snapping. Averige position, 
highest number,  snapping to grid etc..
If you use snapping then the points are actually  sharing the same 
possition so use another Fuse to get rid of  them.


Robert Thomas wrote:
> Hi  everyone,
> I'm trying to create a metaball "cast" of an object  using particles in
> preparation for melting the object.  My  approach currently involves using
> the scatter SOP on the base object,  then creating a particle at each 
> point
> and copying metaballs  to the particles.  The problem with this method is
> that it  creates a lot of grooves in the cast as the metaballs overlap too
> much  or not enough.
> I tried fixing this by recording the distance  from each point to the next
> nearest point, then setting the radius of  each metaball to this value, 
> thus
> making the metaball force  equal between them.  Unfortunately, this 
> doesn't
> work  correctly because it doesn't take into account the fact that 
> scatter  is
> semirandom and the distance to other adjoining metaballs is not  
> necessarily
> ideal.  If I make the scatter SOP record the  distance to the tenth 
> nearest,
> it smooths out, but obviously  this makes the metaballs much bigger 
> than they
> really need to  be and it does not hold an accurate representation of the
> original  object even with 9,000 metaballs (and the grooves are still 
>  there,
> just less visible than before).
> The only thing  I can think of to correct this problem is to distribute
> points evenly  across the surface of my original model, such that the
> distance  between each point is precisely equal.  I could then use squared
>  out metaballs to represent my surface.  Trouble is, I'm not sure how I  
> would
> go about spreading equidistant points across my  object's surface.
> How would I go about doing something like  this?
> Thanks!
> Robby
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