[Sidefx-houdini-list] Mantra crops

Simon Barrick simon at primalpictures.com
Mon Oct 30 04:39:28 EST 2006

I was thinking it would work in two modes,
1. render me m x n crops
2. render me this specific crop ( left right top bottom )

But I also thought it would be nice if you could just specify a list of
crops that you define yourself. This would be useful because very often
its only one part of the image giving trouble and you want that bit more
finely diced.

Crop ( left1 right1 top1 bottom1 ) ( left2 right2 top2 bottom2 ) ( left3
right3 top3 bottom3 )....etc


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I like the command-line to mantra option, then a single IFD can feed all
the different crop renders, doesn't matter if it's binary etc.

RFE: specify camera crops on the command line to Mantra please :)


Peter B

On 29/10/06, Simon Barrick <simon at primalpictures.com> wrote:
> Interesting idea, I'll have to have a play. Two questions immediately 
> spring to mind though.
> 1. Can you do this on a binary ifd file? If not then this is a no go 
> as non-binaries are too big. 2. This would still require making 
> multiple copies of the ifd, it would be nice to avoid this as that 
> immediately brings its own management and network issues.
> We current do the m x n rop nodes method. And it works, its just a 
> major pain in the butt for anything other than single images.
> Expect an rfe from me..... :)
> Cheers!
> Si
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