[Sidefx-houdini-list] Point Attributes to Instanced Geometry

Jean-Claude jclaude at mimgfx.com
Thu Oct 26 13:53:06 EDT 2006

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Mark Elendt wrote:
> The easiest idea would be to stamp a shader on each instance.
> It's not possible to modify the geometry of the instance, but it is

oh ... seriously no way to ... menage to randomize instanced shape.. or maybe with stamped switches which "choose"
between different prior SOPs?... i tought that would be possibile..

> possible to change the surface shader.
> Here's a simple .hip file which shows what I mean.

Is just me.. or I see no attached files?

> The important things to look at are:
>     - The expressions for the diffuse color in the plastic SHOP (in
>       the points object)
>     - The shader SOP is creating hard strings on each point rather
>       than indirect references to the SHOP (so that stamping works)
>     - The shader SOP creates point shaders (rather than binding to the
>       primitives).
> If your house model has multiple shaders, this gets a little trickier,
> but it's do-able, just a little more work and clever thinking
> required.

cheers :)

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