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Fri Oct 20 12:26:07 EDT 2006

Motion is kind of tricky without a fluid sim. You need the "hottest"
particles to rise fastest, and share their heat with those around
them. In addition you need their rise to create backward spinning
vortices in the areas around the hottest column of fire. Quite a Pops
challenge. As for rendering - people have tended to use volumetric
rendering for the best results. Alternately some cool sprite shader
could do the trick - especially if your sprite colors can look up the
temperature attrs on the particles.

Good Luck!!


On 20/10/06, Jed Schwartz <jed at jedschwartz.com> wrote:
> I'm working on a shot the requires the simulation of a fire ball
> being generated by several
> nozzles spraying ignited fuel into a rectangular chamber-
> Its been quite a few years since I "touched" fire-- I thought I
> remembered a few good tutorials
> from the past that might get me headed in the right direction, but
> for so far I have not had
> any luck finding anything-
> Does anyone know of any tutorials or good references for creating
> fire effects in Houdini-?
> Many thanks !
> Jed-
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