[Sidefx-houdini-list] Re: Houdini Apprentice Help Browser issues

Mihail Temelkov mtemelkov at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 01:01:32 EDT 2006

When I try to pull the help for certain nodes like Null, Shopnet and Ropnet,
the browser gives me an error message.
Happens in Houdini Apprentice 8.1.666 and 8.1.704.
Seems like it's looking for nonexisting HTML files -
.../helpcards/shop/shopnet.html and .../helpcards/out/ropnet.html

In the case of Null, I noticed that it's looking for
.../helpcards/obj/null.html, but the actual help file is called
so I made a copy of that file and renamed it to null.html Then the browser
worked fine.

Re Shopnet and Ropnet - i don't see any files named shopnet.html or

Another issue - in the help for the Source POP -
//houdini/content/helpcards/pop/source.html - there are 2 entries for
Impulse Activation, the second of which describes Constant Activation.

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