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Wed Oct 18 13:07:15 EDT 2006

moved to the Crown & specter :)

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there used to be one every friday night at The Champion ;-)

Peter Bowmar wrote:

>Hey Zoran,
>     I'm not sure if there is an official group like Houpla (the LA
>user's group) or not. I'm interested in starting one though! I'm
>starting work at Framestore-CFC in November, and I'm hoping to
>organise something like Houpla (I'm thinking Houplo for the name,
>though I'm not sure if that's a good name or not) that would showcase
>people's work, offer tips and tricks and generally allow some
>networking for Houdini users young and old.
>Peter B
>On 18/10/06, zoran arizanovic <zoran.arizanovic at gmail.com> wrote:
>>last few weeks were crazy
>>I finaly got job on  a major movie in London so i relocated from germany 
>>I am officialy 3d texture artist at Cinesite :D
>>I was wondering is there any user group in London for Houdini users?
>>I think I saw some post here or on odforce awhile ago?
>>Zoran Arizanovic
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