[Sidefx-houdini-list] Houdini skills in Resume?

rafal baq8 at op.pl
Wed Oct 18 03:25:09 EDT 2006

Hi Craig,

Do You work at EA LA ? I ask because I finished my demo reel and wanna 
find job. Can I send reel to you? It's on DVD, ntsc version.



CraigLeeHoffman at aol.com wrote:
> I agree that Houdini isn't very hard to learn compared to all the nested 
> menus/options and hotkeys and scripting needed to learn to become proficient with 
> Maya, but we are fighting against a prejudice that many folks in the industry 
> have had from when they last checked Houdini out around Houdini 2.5.  I 
> currently work with some former Animators from CORE who are now back working in Maya 
> and they ALL said they prefer Houdini.
> That being said, there are far more jobs for Maya users.  Why?  Maya sold 
> itself well by getting it in colleges and lowering the price and getting a lot of 
> training material out there several years ago.  They convinced everyone that 
> it was the best 3D package out there and they tend to support (or are 
> supported by vendors for) many new standards for model/animation format exchange or 
> things like real time rendering whereas Houdini tends to stick it out on their 
> own.  Maya arguably was best for character work for a while, but Houdini has 
> grown and passed it by in my opinion and is a far more well rounded package- 
> much better suited for a whole production pipeline.
> But Houdini is so expensive that many houses won't even look at it (even if 
> it does save time and money by doing things more efficiently and not needing to 
> hire programming TA's for all your MEL tools).   And most management doesn't 
> understand these issues enough to get past the Status Quo that keeps Maya on 
> top.
> Having it on your resume will help if you are trying to break into the 
> Effects world at the better houses that use it, but if you are trying to break into 
> games or character animation you will probably run into people who have never 
> heard of Houdini before.  When people ask me what Houdini is I just reply "It 
> is like Maya on steroids with Shake and Renderman rolled in".
> With Houdini on your reel (if it is quality stuff) you have a much better 
> chance at getting an entry level slot at a high end studio like DD, R&H, Sony, 
> CORE, etc.  If you just have Maya FX on your reel, you are more likely to have 
> to stand in a huge line of people just like you and have to compete for slots 
> at lesser studios.  Of course it really depends on the reel, but high end 
> studios with Houdini slots open find those positions hard to fill and with decent 
> Houdini skills you might be able to get in the door without a lot of 
> experience, which usually isn't the case at most high end places.
> After "The Wild" comes out from CORE and the new Houdini book starts getting 
> seen and all the former CORE animators flood back into the other houses and 
> say how great Houdini is, I think we will see more people using it, but there is 
> still a long way to go. 
> Also, look at the Houdini job board and pay attention to jobs posted on this 
> list or the Side Effects forums- a lot of Houdini jobs are filled through this 
> networking than on sites like HighEnd3D.
> -Craig Hoffman
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>> Hi people!
>>     There were some post about job, so maybe U are just little tired of 
>> it but I'll just try to ask...
>>     Just finished all my FX for reel and now I'm in the rendering 
>> process of these, so it can takes two or three months to finish. I must 
>> mention all these r made in Maya. During this time my Maya app will be 
>> busy so I can do something else like developing more advanced skills in 
>> Houdini.
>>     I just wanna ask experienced users what you think about Houdini in 
>> resume and people who look for job in this industry? When I look at 
>> sites like highEnd3D or creativeHeads I see very often companies look 
>> for peoplea who know both maya+mel. Houdini jobs are very rare(yesterday 
>> I just saw Houdini job post on highEnd3d by DD). I've heard from one 
>> that: "if U know Houdini U will get job very quick" but it rather sound 
>> like marketing slogan.
>>     I see that it's not hard to learn it. Many said that learning curve 
>> is steep. I don't understand, it's much more easier than Maya. So I 
>> think there are many Houdini users who posses beginner level knowledge 
>> of this app. What employers would like to see, what Houdini skills? I 
>> don't think anybody will get job just becouse he know software.
>>     I've also read some story from one guy on odForce that he has a Maya 
>> only reel and very little Houdini experience but decided to sent it to 
>> one company and ... he get this job beocuse he mention in resume about 
>> Houdini.
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