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Kurt Williams kurt at rhythm.com
Mon Oct 16 12:24:09 EDT 2006

jrutherford at stclaircollege.ca wrote:

>>It sounds like someone trying to sell you a bunch of gear.
>It's actually worse than that...there's this new fad going around the
>colleges called "convergence"....seems like all the students are going to
>do all their work from laptops and blackberries while driving to their
>co-op placements in the morning in some sort of crazy perfect wireless
>world...one of the VPs actually made a comment that they get a lot of work
>done in Starbucks....

If it's a few machine sending emails, office documents and and surfing 
the web, it'll be fine. 

If you have 50 machines hitting a file server for textures every few 
seconds at the same time, or pulling videos from another source, it''ll 
get saturated pretty quickly and it'll be slow as heck.

Hell , I've seen studios in the LA area that totally oversaturate their 
bluearc storage over wired ethernet. So I can't imagine a place trying 
to get work done going all wireless.

It might fly in a college environment, especially if the students are 
working locally on their machines. But if there is network storage and 
network licensing involved, it'll be a bad idea.

I saw one place that tried to do it, and it wasn't configured properly. 
They had to run in the lowest speed mode [B?] in order to get everything 
to work. I heard they fixed this with the newer MIMO stuff that allows 
wireless devices to connect at different speeds to the same AP, but 
otherwise everything gets kicked down to the slowest device.

Kurt Williams (x7581)
Rhythm & Hues Studios

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