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Polytrans does export as Houdini .geo/.bgeo format (there is a plugin for  
it).  So why not read IGES into Polytrans and export as Houdini .geo?
Why would you prefer trying to get IGES into Houdini?  Is it the trim  
surfaces?  (I am not sure how they come out in .geo...)
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On  Monday 02 October 2006 09:19, Peter Robbinson wrote:
> I would try the  .iges route next. That format is more closely associated
> with CAD  conversions and there are usually more options for
> them to control the  conversion.

You'll need two things for this - possibly  three.  We've just been through 
this and ended up with(unfortunately)  polys because we didn't have a lot of 
control or time over the source  files(originally ProE).  We got Polytrans, 
which is great, but while  it reads ProE files natively, that won't help you 
get it to an IGES format  readable by Houdini(esp with trim surfaces).  You 
need to get IGES  files saved out by whatever program is being used to design 
the files,  then run them through Polytrans, which has it's strength in being 
able to  beat up any of the hundreds of mangled IGES variants out there(and 
there  are hundreds).  Unfortunately, I'm not sure you'll be able to take  
advantage of exporting into an IGES file readable by Houdini - you'll need  
import directly into Maya(!) because that's the only one they support  
directly.  Getting it from Maya to Houdini may be troublesome in  itself.

Bottom line, it's a bitch.  It *really*  depends on the flavour of IGES, and 
as mentioned the state of that format  is a mess when going between packages. 
You might try IGES and it  will work first time.  It probably won't.  
Importing IGES trim  surfaces from Polytrans directly into Houdini resulted 
a mess.   Everyone complains about Houdini's handling of IGES, but after this 
experience, at least I understand why.  The main guy at Polytrans has  been 
focused heavily on IGES for many years - it's a full time  job.

Personally, I'd like to get the Polytrans guys  talking to SESI, not sure 
that will happen though.  They're  right here in town, guys.  :)



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