[Sidefx-houdini-list] ftoa problem and expression function

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Sun Oct 1 10:00:26 EDT 2006


Add your own function in all houdini sessions from a spare file:
Add in your 123.cmd exread("path_to_file")

if you want it only for you, create your own 123.cmd, copy the original one, to 
the same directory tree in your $HOME directory.


Selon luc froehlicher <lulu at alamaison.fr>:

> hi everyone.
> I'm trying to convert a binary number in string using ftoa
> something like :
> string myfunction(val)
> {
> string sval=ftoa(val);
> return sval;
> }
> I always get the exponential notation ie:
> echo `myfunction(00010001100)`
> 1.00011e+007
> is there a way to avoid exponential notation or a way to get around this.
> the other thing is that I wrote several expressions functions , is there
> a way tohave them permanently available
> (ie without having to reload them everytime I launch houdini)
> thanks
> luc
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