[Sidefx-houdini-list] Rotate only between two angles in DOPs?

Peter Robbinson probbins at sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 23 12:15:16 EST 2006

Off the top of my head I'm wondering if you could treat the door as a
pendulum and then perhaps use a cloth solver and constraint to restrict
the swing.


On Thu, 2006-23-11 at 16:20 +0000, Peter Bowmar wrote:
> Hello,
>       I've spent some considerable amount of time on this and can't
> find an answer. Basically, I want to constrain the rotation of an RBD
> object's angle. I have constrained the rotation (think of a door being
> hit by a ball) let's say to the Y axis, and that works fine, but when
> hit by the ball it swings freely.
>      In a tutorial or demo, "blocks" were used to prevent the door
> swinging beyond the angles desired. This will not work in my case, the
> impulses are more complex, and the blocks don't work. I need to be
> able to explicitly control the angles of swinging. In an ideal world,
> using a spring system so it's not a "hard" constraint on the angle.
>      Unless I'm missing something, I'll have to use modify data or
> somesuch to alter the actual "orient" data using Hscript etc. This
> seems like overkill for something that should be a pretty common
> operation in an RBD sim. Hopefully I'm missing something and someone
> will cleverly point this out, making me feel shame, yet happiness that
> I can accomplish my goal.
> Cheers,
> Peter B
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