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Calin Casian calin at sidefx.com
Thu Nov 16 09:25:43 EST 2006

I guess if you want to control the tip with a texture you have to apply a
separate set of uvs as a tip attribute and make the shader look for that
one based on the position of the root or you can apply the tip color
before you comb it.
Now that I'm thinking you don;t need a separate UV set you just make the
shader to support 2 textures.


> I have one question about fur colors:
> lets say that our fur base color is derived from texture map
> what options do we have for controling tip color in a more complex manner?
> tips are stranded from root in numerous directions so it is not posible to
> control them through uvs/textures becasuse they overlapp from one region
> to
> another when we comb the hair!
> Does anyone have idea how to solve this?
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