[Sidefx-houdini-list] Bootcamp on MacPro?

Jed Schwartz jed at jedschwartz.com
Tue Nov 14 20:51:11 EST 2006

We got one of the new MacPro desktop systems last month, besides the  
usual graphics apps we are using the system for editing HD and  
running Shake- The system is very fast and for the most part very  
reliable. The only problem we found so far is with memory-

We set up this Mac with a dual channel 4Gb Fiber Channel PCIe adapter  
to interface with a Huge RAID system. Does a great jot of streaming  
HD but we had frequent crashes until we took 2 gigs of ram out of the  
box- I'm told that until there is a firmware update on the apple  
side, or we move down to a 2gb FC card, we will be limited to 2 gigs  
of ram in this system- Apple does not seem to acknowledge the  
problem, but it seem to be common knowledge at ATTO and others- Not  
sure any of this relates to the topic, but I'm hoping someone else  
might find this info useful or be able to shed more light on the issues-

Anyway, I hadn't really considered it, but  I'm extremely interested  
in getting linux and ultimately houdini running on this machine...Be  
the best of all worlds in one box-- !!


On Nov 14, 2006, at 8:13 PM, Kurt Williams wrote:

> Johnson, Dave (Space Technology) wrote:
>> Has anyone tried to load Bootcamp/Linux/Windows on a MacPro and  
>> run Houdini?
>> I went to the Dell website and put together a machine with the  
>> same processors(2 Intel Duo 2.66gHz Xeon), graphics card (nVidia  
>> FX4500), hard drive (250Gb SATA), DVD/RW drive and it was $600  
>> more than a MacPro with the same equipment.
>> I'm not looking for platform wars here, just curious if anyone's  
>> tried it.
> I'm curious myself if anyone has done this, especially with the  
> upcoming quad core bump in 07. With that many cores, what 64bit  
> linux/windows options are there for bootcamp? It wouldn't be nice  
> to have 4 to 8 cores and be shoehorned into a 4GB memory limit on  
> the bootcamp side.
> I'm not sure if this helps, but, I have ran Maya 7/8 and Zbrush on  
> a boot camped iMac for a few months.  The only issue I had was  
> using the maya high quality viewport options to preview models with  
> real time displacement/normal mapping. The shading would glitch  
> out, but that was an early intel Mac with an intergrated ATI video  
> card, not a Mac Pro.
> Aside from that one glitch with maya, everything else [after  
> effects, photoshop, maya, zbrush] ran flawlessly.  I imagine there  
> would be no issues with houdini.
> I haven't had a opportunity to run houdini on a boot camp MacPro.  
> The local apple store would probably frown on me rebooting into  
> windows and installing Houdini Apprentice :).
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