[Sidefx-houdini-list] Bootcamp on MacPro?

Kurt Williams kurt at rhythm.com
Tue Nov 14 20:13:57 EST 2006

Johnson, Dave (Space Technology) wrote:

>Has anyone tried to load Bootcamp/Linux/Windows on a MacPro and run Houdini?
>I went to the Dell website and put together a machine with the same processors(2 Intel Duo 2.66gHz Xeon), graphics card (nVidia FX4500), hard drive (250Gb SATA), DVD/RW drive and it was $600 more than a MacPro with the same equipment.
>I'm not looking for platform wars here, just curious if anyone's tried it.
I'm curious myself if anyone has done this, especially with the upcoming 
quad core bump in 07. With that many cores, what 64bit linux/windows 
options are there for bootcamp? It wouldn't be nice to have 4 to 8 cores 
and be shoehorned into a 4GB memory limit on the bootcamp side.

I'm not sure if this helps, but, I have ran Maya 7/8 and Zbrush on a 
boot camped iMac for a few months.  The only issue I had was using the 
maya high quality viewport options to preview models with real time 
displacement/normal mapping. The shading would glitch out, but that was 
an early intel Mac with an intergrated ATI video card, not a Mac Pro.

Aside from that one glitch with maya, everything else [after effects, 
photoshop, maya, zbrush] ran flawlessly.  I imagine there would be no 
issues with houdini.

I haven't had a opportunity to run houdini on a boot camp MacPro. The 
local apple store would probably frown on me rebooting into windows and 
installing Houdini Apprentice :).

Kurt Williams (x7581)
Rhythm & Hues Studios

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