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John Coldrick jc at axyzfx.com
Fri Nov 3 09:42:38 EST 2006

On Friday 03 November 2006 08:23, Jed Schwartz wrote:
> We're working on several HD projects and have moved most of our
> compositing over to shake-
> Brings me to the question, what is the best image format to output
> from houdini for comping in shake?

	Personally, I use OExr for everything.  Works great.  Tiff is fine with 
Shake, but be careful you've set the compression to lzw(instead of Adobe 
Deflate) if you're going to the outside world(some apps, like Final Cut, 
won't read it).

	Depth output from Houdini works great with either tiff or OExr float - a 
short howto is mentioned here:



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