[Sidefx-houdini-list] sketch look and poses

Lyn Caudle lyn at janimation.com
Wed Nov 1 17:27:02 EST 2006

Maya has an excellent toon setup tons of line control and shading options
XSI also has an excellent toon shader
final toon for max is probably the most versatile but is a bit kludgey 
workflow wise.
I believe Cebas makes the same ( final toon) plug-in for C4D.

It Would be great to get a really good toon system for Houdini.
Perhaps someone on the list or one of the guys over at odforce
could knock one together for you.
perhaps an OTL challenge.

Larry Giunta wrote:
> We're gearing up for production on
> a job that has a two part problem.
> Part 1 .... we need ( I think just poses, not full animation )
> of a variety of track and field events. Some
> with a woman, some with a man ....... but a lot of them.
> Part 2 is that the end look should be sketch
> or toon like ........ or a mix between.
> The bigger issue is part 2. I know this has come
> up a bunch of times before. I'm just wondering if
> there has been any new developments on the
> Houdini front to help achieve this kind of look.
> In the past we have been able to get some
> cool looking results with high contrast renders
> and some hoop jumping in COPs.
> Some in our group are pointing toward
> sketck and toon for Cinema4D as an option.
> The stills certainly look impress, but I have not
> seen samples in motion ........... and honestly
> would love to find a way to work a Houdini solution
> out if at all possible.
> Part 1 is a bit more straight forward if it remains
> simply poses. However, there is still pressure
> to create these poses as efficiently as possible
> (since it is one element of a larger project with
> many other needs).
> Again, there is some thought that working with
> Poser might  be a quicker way to create these
> poses. However, I don't personally have any
> production experience with this program so
> it's tough to judge.
> At this point we're starting to figure
> out our plan of attack. I was simply wondering
> if anybody has any experience/opinions about
> either Poser or "Sketch and Toon" ( especially
> looking at it from a Houdini point of view).
> As always, thank very much in advance for
> any thought. Would really love to work this
> all out in Houdini if possible.
> Thanks,
> Larry

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