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Ben Schrijvers Ben.Schrijvers at framestore-cfc.com
Fri Mar 31 04:56:54 EST 2006

Hi Rafal,

Yes a one click solution would be very wrong. What if you have 500+ 
objects, do you really want to do 500+ clicks?
DOP's have been set up to be input independant so you can set up a sim 
network without knowing exactly how the final input objects look.
So a setup that works with 3 objects will work with 300 as well, you 
just change the input. This is in line with the rest of Houdini.
Because of that you only need to do the setup one time and just reuse 
the same network later to do other sims.
I must admit that in the learning process over the past months I've 
gebuild my DOP networks a couple of times. But once you know what you're 
doing that's no problem.
Actually the biggest part of the setup was done in SOP's. Creating 
primitive groups and finding ways to process each group as a single.. 
chunk of geometry.
Setting attributes that where used in DOP's to trigger something or set 
initial parameters.
We didn't do a lot with constrains... yet. They do seems a bit strange 
but I can't compare with other 3D apps.

Check out Xmen3 when it comes out. There's some large scale destruction 
that we used DOP's RBD for.
We were not planning to do a lot but as people saw the result we were 
overloaded with work.


rafal wrote:
> Hi people.
>    I would like to hear your opinion about new dynamics in Houdini. I 
> have much more experience with other 3d app but really would like to 
> do some cool stuff with DOPs but... After few days of playing with it 
> I get enough. Maybe it's just me but in my opinion it takes too much 
> time to set all these stuff to work correct. In example in other 3D 
> app I just select geo and set it as rigidBody active or passive or 
> just can apply gravity to geo and it follows down. Is this approach 
> (just one click and make it rigid) wrong?
>    Also rigidBodyConstraints are strange to me. What U people think 
> about DOPs comparing it to another dynamics engines/solutions in other 
> apps?
> Have U more advanced Houdini users plan to use it in any movies?
> r|m
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