[Sidefx-houdini-list] Rendering a short film

MarkM mark.malenich at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 22:49:16 EST 2006

Hi, Lisa-

I have not submitted any shorts to film festivals, but I have seen a lot of
calls for entries in my emails. Basically, each call for entry will have the
requirements listed in the posting, because it depends on the audience which
will view the short. For instance, some projects will require PAL standards,
while others (esp. in the US) will require NTSC standards.

My advice to you would be to choose a festival to submit to and set your
project up according to its submission standards before you begin work. One
reason is because if you start off at 30 FPS, and they want 24 FPS, it might
cause conversion problems later on. Also, it will allow you to set your
resolution up in advance, but this is less of a problem because you can set
that at the time you want to render (but setting it early will allow you to
see more accurate test renders and camera angles).

As far as file format is concerned, that depends on the call for entry for
the final render. Until then, you should render your frames to suit your
compositing software or whatever post production software you intend to use
so that it is compatible. Targas are fairly high quality and basically well
accepted across compositing packages. But if you are working solely in
Houdini, which has its own compositor, you can use its default file format
and just work in COPs.

When in doubt, contact the call for entry administrator, because submissions
with incorrect formatting can be disqualified without ever having been

Good luck,

On 3/16/06, Lisa Reynolds <lisa at red3d.com> wrote:
> Has anyone submitted a short film in the various animation festivals
> around (Siggraph or others)? What resolution, frame rate, and file
> format did you render to?
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